• Has your doctor told you that you are on a FAST TRACK TO CHRONIC DISEASE?
  • Need to REDUCE YOUR SUGAR, SALT OR CHOLESTEROL intake and aren’t quite sure how to make it happen and taste good too?
  • Are you OVERWEIGHT and feeling HORRIBLE?
  • Has CANCER OR CANCER TREATMENT left you feeling depleted and run down?
  • Are you staring down the barrel of MENOPAUSE and terrified of HRT and other “traditional” treatments.
  • Are you having difficulty navigating the supermarket and making heads or tails out of WHAT YOU SHOULD OR SHOULDN’T BE EATING.

You’d have to be living under an enormous rock to not be aware of the health crisis that currently exists in our country. Every one of us knows someone who has gotten the wake-up call, but many of are committed to continuing to enjoy our current unhealthy food lifestyles “while we can” knowing full well that if we do, we will eventually be joining the ranks of the ill. After all, it comes for everyone, right?

Many of us know what we should be doing but I believe most of us don’t know how to pull it all together and make it work in an easy, effective and delicious way. Implementation. That’s my job.

If you are tired of being told what to do and wish someone would just come to your house and show you how to make it  all work, then you’ve come to the right place.

My overall goal is simple…

  • I want to help you to eliminate what is not working for you in your food world.
  • I want to educate you on what you can replace those unhealthy foods with, and teach you how to use them effectively and efficiently.
  • I want to empower you though organization and education, to achieve your nutritional goals and ultimately  better overall health.

And… I want it all to taste great in the process.

I don’t believe that good eating habits have to be all or nothing unless, of course, you are in full blown health crisis.  Everything that we do that positively influences our health is a good thing.  All the small efforts add up to bigger ones. In every aspect of our lives I believe that organization is the key to success.

There is a new paradigm with food. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor in order to eat healthfully. You can have both.  And who deserves it more than you? Let me show you how to organize your kitchen, your shopping and your attitude to achieve your food goals.

You CAN do it.

11 responses to “Home

  1. WTG Jodi!!! Taking some healthy lifestyle choices to the people of the Crescent City! That city is getting healthier every day in spirit and community, why not in the food culture too. Bring that healthful glow to the people….


  2. Jodi, wishing you were back here so you could help me eat healthier.
    Oh, you lucky NOLA people!

  3. Congrats Jodi! Knock em dead….
    Not with the food I mean.

  4. Guuuuurrrrl, we’re on the same page! Bet you know all about CLEAN, right? Joseph and I are huge advocates these days. Maybe we can trade recipes and spread the word. We have a whole lotta friends who could use some help. They’re baby-step types though, still very attached to their deep fried po-boys and Abita…

    • Thanks, Amanda. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I’m all about the baby steps because they eventually accumulate into giant leaps. Soul food is for the soul, no? Let’s talk about doing a fun food thing together soon.

  5. i know you will be able to help lots of peeps! 🙂 plus you got the energy and personality to make a difference… miss ya!

  6. Hey Jodi,
    Janis just sent me your web site forwarded to me by Dan! You look fabulous!
    Gene pool or food?…..probably both.
    Glad to have a contact site for you. I am fine but a lot older!

    Love, Judy Fay Gray

    • Hey Judy! How GREAT to hear from you. I’ll reply via your email in a few days. Old? Girl, you don’t know the half of it. You’ll need CPR when I tell you how old I am now.
      Love to all!

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